“‘Spamalot’ Is Hilarious Musical Comedy” (Konk Life Review)

“‘Spamalot’ Is Hilarious Musical Comedy” (Konk Life Review)

Posted Mon, Mar 23, 2015 in Reviews

By Diane Johnson

Spamalot is a hilarious musical comedy whose infectious energy transports you back to the days of King Arthur. Be careful, this whimsical production now at the Waterfront Playhouse is a potent drug that takes hold of your mind, body and soul!

Danny Weathers reveals his artistic genius in directing a talented cast of 15 actors playing multiple parts, performing 18 songs and complex dance routines. Written by Eric Idle, this Tony Award winning musical is a spinoff of the cult classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail. John Du Prez and Eric Idle composed the music and lyrics. Waterfront’s very own Michael Fauss provided the musical direction while Penny Leto and Carolyn Cooper get credit for the choreography.

Tom Luna is perfectly cast in the role as King Arthur. His regal bearing and booming voice make the King come alive before your eyes. J.B. McLendon plays his trusty sidekick Patsy, who follows the King everywhere with a set of coconuts to mimic the sound of horses. Although stooped over with Arthur’s traveling necessities, McLendon’s eyes light up as he sings and dances his way across the stage. Laurie Breakwell is absolutely fabulous as the Lady of the Lake. Her beautiful voice is enchanting as she effortlessly morphs from fairy creature to soulful lounge singer. Laurie’s facial expressions are priceless as she bemoans her absence from the second Act. Brian Hall was a true delight on stage. His performance of Not Dead Fred had the audience in stitches. Brian’s boundless energy and fluid movements made his portrayal of Prince Herbert, the Minstrel and the Historian truly captivating. David Black’s acting was exceptional and fun to watch as he played Sir Lancelot, Knight of Ni and Tim. Jeffrey Harwell is a real renaissance man with a playful demeanor, who portrays Sir Robin. Rock Solomon shows his versatility as Sir Galahad, the Black Knight and Herbert’s Father. Karl Stahl is Sir Belvedere, Sir Galahad’s Mother and Concorde; all very different parts yet played with skill and panache.

Kim Bergman, Carolyn Cooper, Antonio Gil, Lauren Sander, Stephanie Sander and Chris were the members of the cast ensemble. They sang like angels with impressive dancing skills ranging from tap to rock and roll. Despite the multiple rapid costume changes their performance was spirited and seamless.

Spamalot is one of the best shows I have ever seen at the Waterfront. The joie de vivre exhibited by the cast was truly contagious, leaving the audience enthralled. Set designer and technical director Michael Boyer did an impressive job as this production featured 30 different sets. Markie Baiza was in charge of costume design with assistance from Ruth Cahoon and Carmen Rodriguez. This ambitious production featured 250 costumes, not including the wigs. Stage Manager Trish Manley was extraordinary as she coordinated all of the set and costume changes.

Spamalot is playing at the Waterfront Theater from March 19th through April 11th. For tickets call the box office at:  305-294-5015 or go on line at: www.waterfrontplayhouse.org

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