Feb 28

A Very Happy Ending at ‘The Full Monty’ (Solares Hill)

They sing, they dance, they do both without pants in “The Full Monty” at the Waterfront Playhouse. The economic drought […]

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Jan 31

‘No Child’ A Tour de Force at The Waterfront Playhouse (Solares Hill)

Wow. One might think that a play about a play about a play being performed by one woman portraying 16 […]

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Dec 20

‘Twelve Angry Men’ Mean One Happy Audience (Solares Hill)

Without a reasonable doubt, it’s safe to say that the Waterfront Playhouse is guilty of beginning its 70th season with […]

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May 20

‘The Musical of Musicals, the Musical’ Is a Mouthful of Fun (Solares Hill)

‘The Musical of Musicals, the Musical,” now at Waterfront Playhouse, is a musical about paying the rent. Wait a minute, […]

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Mar 29

Madly in Love with the Smoking Cast of ‘Reefer Madness’ (Solares Hill)

Opening night of “Reefer Madness the Musical” at Waterfront Playhouse was lively, loud and loaded with laughs as the cast […]

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Mar 1

‘BitchSlap!’ — The Truth and the Legend (Solares Hill)

The costumes were glamorous, the makeup was glorious and the stage lights genuinely captured the glitz of old Hollywood. Opening […]

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Feb 2

‘Doubt’ Is a Riveting Parable for the Ages (Solares Hill)

‘What do you do when you’re not sure?” Father Brendan Flynn (David Black) asks the congregation of St. Nicholas Church […]

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Jan 8

Last Week to See ‘Regrets Only’ at the Waterfront Playhouse (Solares Hill)

All the bad news got you down? Escape to the Waterfront Playhouse as it presents the final week of the […]

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Dec 19

Laugh-Out-Loud ‘Regrets Only’ Is Serious Fun (Solares Hill)

The glittery opening night audience assembled for cocktails in front of Waterfront Playhouse on Wednesday evening entered the theater to […]

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Mar 6

Reefer Gladness: Waterfront Playhouse Scores with Hysterical Send-Up of Cautionary Tale (Paradise)

By Terry Schmida In an age where absurd agitprop and Orwellian disinformation abound, it’s kinda cool to see the irreverent […]

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