Cast Announced for “1776”

Cast Announced for “1776”

Posted Fri, Jun 2, 2017 in Select Tag

The cast for 1776 has been announced.  1776 will open January 24, 2018 at the Waterfront Playhouse in Key West.

JOHN HANCOCK (President of Congress) — Tom Murtha

JOSIAH BARTLETT (New Hampshire) — Hy Conrad*

JOHN ADAMS (Massachusetts) — David Black

STEPHEN HOPKINS (Rhode Island) — John Wells

ROGER SHERMAN (Connecticut) — Dean Walters


ROBERT LIVINGSTON (New York) — Matty Kennedy

REV. JONATHAN WITHERSPOON (New Jersey) — Bob Bowersox

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (Pennsylvania) — J.B. McLendon*

JOHN DICKINSON (Pennsylvania) — Jeffrey Harwell

JAMES WILSON (Pennsylvania) — Arthur Crocker

CAESAR RODNEY (Delaware) — Tom Thayer

COL. THOMAS McKEAN (Delaware) — John McDonald

GEORGE READ (Delaware) — Karl Stahl

SAMUEL CHASE (Maryland) — Ross Pipkin

RICHARD HENRY LEE (Virginia) — Mathias Maloff

THOMAS JEFFERSON (Virginia) — Jason Wilson

EDWARD RUTLEDGE (South Carolina) — Matt Hulsey

JOSEPH HEWES (North Caroline) — Bob Wood

LYMAN HALL (Georgia) — John Reynolds

CHARLES THOMSON (Secretary) — Don Bearden

ANDREW McNAIR (Custodian) — Jack Agnew

COURIER — Xavier McKnight

ABIGAIL ADAMS — Laurie Breakwell

MARTHA JEFFERSON — Stephanie Sander

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association


MUSIC & LYRICS — Sherman Edwards

BOOK — Peter Stone

DIRECTOR — Danny Weathers

SET DESIGN — Michael Boyer

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