Merry Jo Cordata


Merry Jo Cordata

Merry Jo Cordata has been performing since birth, if you believe what her mother tells you.  And yes,
she was the little girl who would perform for her grandfather’s guests on the family coffee table.  But
since then, she has had the pleasure of performing all over the country.  Her recent foray has found her
in Los Angeles as Abuela in the Disney Channel’s ‘Stuck in the Middle’, Nita Colon in ‘Lila and Eve’ with Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez, and as Maria opposite Bruce Boxleitner in Peter Ettinger’s ‘Bank Heist’. This summer found her in NYC performing in Tony Macy-Perez’s ’90 Miles of Separation’ at SummerFest and in Fort Lauderdale performing in Michael Aman’s 2 short plays ‘Looking for Dick / Finding Jane’.

Merry Jo has been looking forward to bringing this grand dame of the American Theatre to the stage
once again and hopes that you find her as fascinating as she does.

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