Gross Indecency

Jun 8, 2018 - Jun 9, 2018

Gross Indecency


Written by Moises Kaufman

June 8 & 9, 2018 (6PM)

Gross Indecency uses trial transcripts, personal correspondence, interviews and other source materials to tell the story of the downfall of the great man of letters whose artistic genius has long been overshadowed by the scandal surrounding his imprisonment, Oscar Wilde.

“His style was his umbrella, his armor, his all-purpose defense system, and for many years it seemed to shelter Oscar Wilde most effectively. There came a moment, however, in 1895 when the playwright was betrayed by his own wit, after which he would never again be able to gain control of his life. That moment is identified with such startling precision and clarity that it feels like the inexorable moment of reversal in a classic tragedy.” (New York Times).

Directed by John McDonald

Tickets are $20.00 and may be purchased at the door.


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