The Jewish Wife

Dec 16, 2018 - Dec 17, 2018

The Jewish Wife

Dec 16, 2018 THROUGH Dec 17, 2018

The Waterfront Playhouse will present, for two performances on Bertolt Brecht’s The Jewish Wife. Performanes will be at 8 pm December 16 and 17. Tickets may be obtained by calling 305-294-5015 or by booking online. First performed over eighty years ago, Bertolt Brecht’s chilling one-act play, The Jewish Wife, is a chronicle of everyday German life at the dawn of the Nazi regime. As the Third Reich tightens its grip, relationships contort and fear and suspicion penetrate every layer of society.

John McDonald directs this exclusive performance with actors Stephanie Miller (It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Play) and Stephen Kitsakos (Gross Indecency). There will be a short talk back following the show

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