Typhoon Judy (Final Performance Sat. April 13)

Apr 5, 2013 - Apr 13, 2013

Typhoon Judy (Final Performance Sat. April 13)

Through Saturday April 13, 2013 only (all performances 8 PM)

Starring Christopher Peterson as Judy Garland

Written by Christopher Peterson and Darrin Hagen

Directed by Darrin Hagen

With Charles Lindberg as “The Pianist”

“Mr. Peterson is a consummate actor and artist who amazes his audience by channeling Judy Garland.” (BroadwayWorld)

“If you were lucky enough to have seen Typhoon Judy, just sit back and reminisce over the experience with the realization that that was about as close to seeing the real Judy Garland perform live as you’re going to get.” (CampRehobeth.com)

“Christopher Peterson gave the single most wonderful performance I’ve seen in my tenure in Key West.  I’ve been here long enough that I need no new friends, nor do I need recent enemies, so I will simply say to you that, when “Typhoon Judy” is part of the Waterfront Playhouse’s lineup for next season, you get the tickets, and get them now.  I’m rarely blown away … thank you” (Mark Watson)

As Typhoon Viola swirls around Hong Kong, Judy Garland lies comatose in a hospital from a suicide attempt. In a hallucination, Typhoon Judy enters a desolate rehearsal hall with a lone piano player and begins to tell tales of her life with comedy, anecdotes and of course, song.

Created by Darrin Hagen and Christopher Peterson.

Musical arrangements by Jim Rice

Set Design by Michael Boyer

Costume Design by Christopher Peterson

Opening night party on April 5 sponsored by Jeff Johnson and Hy Conrad.