Mar 11

“Xanadu” Full of Fun, Good Vibes (Review in Konk Life)

By Diane Johnson

Bursting with music, magic and romance “Xanadu” is great entertainment! This zany musical comedy is full of fun and feel good vibes.

Danny Weathers directs a talented cast and brings out the playful vitality of the actors as they sing and dance their way across the stage for a full 90 minutes with no intermission. Contemporary humor is woven throughout the dialogue. “Xanadu” combines the unlikely pairing of Greek mythology and roller skating disco. Imagine cabernet and cracker jacks, unique and just delicious.

The setting begins in Venice Beach, California in the 1980’s. Brian Hall makes his debut in Key West as Sonny, a frustrated artist who is contemplating suicide. He is saved when Clio, a muse emerges out of his chalk mural. What he didn’t bargain for was dealing with all seven of her sister muses, who also emerge from the mural!

Vicki Rousch and Laurie Breakwell are the two evil sisters, Calliope and Melpomene who conspire to get their little sister Clio in trouble with Zeus by casting a spell to make her fall in love with a mortal. The chemistry between these two sisters is infectious and they are hilarious. Kara Krichman plays Clio the beautiful muse turned roller-skater singing diva, whose accents range from Southern belle to Australian. Her gentle innocence is a lovely counter balance to the evil sisters, as she plays the mortal role of Kira.

Tom Luna is Danny, a successful businessman and Zeus, King of the Gods. Tom is a talented actor, who can still tap dance and belt out a song despite his 60 years. His character, Danny, represents the guy who puts money before love and of course comes to regret that decision. The other sister muses are played by: Jessica Miano Kruel, Rhett Kalman, Stephanie Sander and Chris Tanner. Interestingly, each muse represents a different body of knowledge such as: art, dance, song, poetry, tragedy, literature and love.

The musical numbers ranged from old time favorites by The Andrew Sisters to the 1980’s beat of songs like “Evil Woman.” This fast paced production features 14 musical numbers, each with their own choreography and costumes. Trish Manly, the Stage Manager does an amazing job of coordinating everything. The singing, dancing and roller-skating were beautifully executed with guidance from Penny Leto and Christine Marguerite, who did an incredible job with complex choreography on a small stage! Kudos to Kurt Alger, Carmen Rodriguez and Leigh Hooten, for their beautiful costumes and managing the many changes.

“Xanadu” is a joyful celebration of romance and fun, which delighted the audience and had them on their feet before the final number even finished. Everyone left the theatre with a smile on their face.

Xanadu is playing at the Waterfront Playhouse through March 29. Tickets can be purchased by calling 305-294-5015 or on line at: https://waterfrontplayhouse.org. The Waterfront Playhouse is located at 310 Wall St.

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Feb 1

“Other Desert Cities” Rips into Family Values (Konk Life)

One of the most celebrated plays of the decade is now playing at the Waterfront Playhouse in Key West. “Other Desert Cities” is “filled with humor, sensitivity and invigorating anger.” Get your tickets now before it sells out. Runs through February 15 only.

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Dec 22

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Dec 20

A “Four Depends” Rating for “Leading Ladies” (Konk Life)

The first review is in — and C.S. Gilbert LOVED Leading Ladies.

“First of all, Thursday 12/19 was opening night for “Leading Ladies” at the Waterfront. OMG! We caught the first preview, with almost a full house of folks actually screaming with laughter — this show has some of the funniest lines we’ve ever heard on stage, and the bad drag alone — well, Brandon Beach and Matt Hollis Hulsey are beyond brilliant. If anybody remembers my old rating system: this gets a record four Depends.”

Get your tickets soon for this hilarious production.

At the Waterfront Playhouse from now until January 11, 2014.

Call the box office at 305-294-5015 or go to WaterfrontPlayhouse.org

And while you’re at it, make sure your get your tickets now for our next production, “Other Desert Cities.”

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Nov 27

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Jun 30

Better Believe It; Laughter Is the Best Medicine (Solares Hill)

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May 9

“Deathtrap” at the Waterfront Playhouse (Konk Life)

Konk Life called The Waterfront Playhouse production of Deathtrap “an intricate mystery thriller, whose hair-raising revelations will keep you on the edge of your seat” and “a delightful finale to it’s 73rd season.” Make sure you get your tickets soon. “Deathtrap” ends May 18. Call the box office at 305-294-5015 or visit the website at WaterfrontPlayhouse.org.

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Apr 11

Typhoon Judy is “an exquisite blend of music, biography and zany one-liners” (Konk Life)

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Mar 15

Watch Video Clips from “The Drowsy Chaperone”

The BIG MUSICAL is back at the Waterfront Playhouse — and here are the video clips to prove it. (Produced by Digital Island Media)

Audiences and critics alike are calling “The Drowsy Chaperone” the “biggest hit in Key West history!”

Get your tickets now for “The Drowsy Chaperone” at the Waterfront Playhouse in Key West. Playing now through March 30, 2013.

Buy tickets online or call the box office at 305-294-5015.

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Mar 14

Waterfront Playhouse Flying High (Konk Life)

Konk Life says that “Waterfront Playhouse’s ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ is a delightfully funny musical comedy not to be missed, serving up tasty portions of singing, dancing and a barrel full of belly laughs. Watching this show is like savoring every spoonful of a giant ice cream sundae!” Get your tickets now for the biggest hit in Key West. “The Drowsy Chaperone” runs only through March 30, 2013.

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